Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Peacock and Gamble: I saw one of them nude....

Well hello there today I bring you my badly written tale of my experience of seeing Peacock and Gamble's Edinburgh preview. Be warned this post will mention a bit of penis as well as the usual swearing and bad grammar. I will let you decide which is the more annoying of the 3.

Well any way earlier this week I went to a small club in Cardiff to see Peacock and Gamble's Edinburgh TV show "We don't even want to be on telly any way". The club it self was as mentioned a bit small but that made the experience better as everyone was close together and no matter where you were sitting you weren't more that 5 meters from the stage. This was helpful as they used a fair few props and video's in their set. Now down to the set itself. I must say from the bottom of my heart that it was rather good, it has been a while since I have laughed that hard. My only experience with seeing them before was seeing Peacock once on Russell Howards good news so I was ready for his insanity and strange ramblings. Though it was the first time I had seen Gamble. That plus the fact I have little experience with double acts most likely makes me a bad person to write about them. But seeing as my writing skills can be only be classed as retarded the fact I have a blog in general is stupid but's lets just swing with it.

Their performance was very good specially seeing as it was a preview performance so they were still testing certain parts of the act. This was clear in certain parts of their set were they seemed to get confused over what joke was next or accidentally did the wrong one. Though this just for me added to the hilarity as it resulted in them just improving or just in the technical wording of "dicking around". But it also show their skill and how well they knew each other as even during the moments their forgot what was next they still kept going. Yet during the set it seemed that they had both added bits and had possibly not told the other. There was one part of the act where this became rather clear. It was during a video peacock had made the details of which I will not say so not to ruin it for any one planning to see them. Well in this video peacock had added a new section which resulted in all people watching it seeing his cock.... Well afterwards Gamble said he hadn't know about this. Some people would say this may have just been part of the set but I happened to see Gamble's reaction to the said penis appearing on the screen. His reaction was him literally spitting out his drink, choking then laughing quiet a bit. This for me almost killed me with laughter specially when Gamble afterwards made special note to mention he hadn't been the one recording Peacock's penis.

Though overall the gig was very good and I laughed a lot. The only bad part of the night was the fact I had to miss the last few minutes to go catch my train back home. Though I shall have no complaints about seeing the whole show again just to see the ending while up at Edinburgh if possible. Well that is all from me today. I highly recommend people go and see Peacock and Gamble if they can. Feel free to comment below and all that and make sure to like and follow.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

To much Minecraft

Okay it has been a fair while since I have done a post. Under normal circumstances I would just say I have been busy but I really haven't. I can't say that as during the time since my last post I made a pirate ship on minecraft out of boredom. It wasn't even a good ship either , I ran out of wool so I had to use snow blocks for the sails. Which would be a fatal design flaw in a ship because as soon as there was a breeze the sails would just get blown apart and make the ship look like it had been jizzed on.....So yeh basically I got addicted to minecraft and forgot to post.

But any way soon I shall be having a few new posts as I have a few interesting things coming up. These are going to see Peacock and Gamble's Edinburgh preview show at Cardiff. I promise to try and do a better post about the gig this time unlike Stanhope seeing as for this time I will be sober for it (mostly sober at least). Then after that I have a gig which I might test some new material at. But after that is the big thing for I shall be going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which I shall be making multiple posts about. Also yes I am aware that seeing Peacocks and Gamble's Edinburgh preview is rather redundant seeing as I'm going to Edinburgh. But I say fuck it I want to see them the ticket was only £8. Put I will try to do posts about the Festival and everything that happens there.

To finish off I thought I would tell you about a stand up character idea I had while drunk James The Dragon Hunter (represented by the badly photoshop picture below).

The character would involve me walking wearing a helm and chain mail (which I was too lazy to photoshop) while referring to myself Dovahkiin with some Nord styled humour. So please post your opinion below about this character/ how you stupid you think it is. Also feel free to post any Nord related jokes you may think of.

Well that be all follow, like and all the usual

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Sunday, 29 April 2012

A birthday card from Stanhope

Hello there yes I am still alive. I apologise for my lack of posts but I have been busy with the curse of being a architecture student yet again. But now I am free so it's time for some updates. During my month absence from posting thanks to designing a building which I accidentally made look like a D: face I have had 2 of possibly the best gigs I have ever done. I also saw Doug Stanhope live, I got a birthday card off him and finally the best and most important thing I got a top hat.

Okay so first my 2 gigs. They both went very well I was running a new set but I was happy with how they went. It does prove practise does make perfect as I put a lot of effort into my current set. Also I now have a video of my set. I apologise for the low quality but all I had at hand was a guy with a iphone.

Okay next I had the very fun experience of going to see Doug Stanhope live. I must say it was brilliant. It has been a while since I have laughed that hard. Even with the person sitting next to me being absurdly drunk and my hip flash nearly running dry halfway through it was epic. For me personally the best bit had to be during a section about porn where I accidentally said "That's true" only to have Doug hear me and respond. My mind was blown. What made this even better for me though was that I had done this for my birthday night out so I managed to get him and his girlfriend bingo (who is awesome and to me is rather hot) to sign a birthday card. 

Awesome? I think so I just wish I had remember to claim that BJ.

Okay people that is all for now I will be getting back into my normal posting soon just got a bit more uni work to get out of the way and then I'm free. As per usual like, comment and follow I like hearing peoples opinions.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Worlds best Comedy Heckler

Okay I think it's time for a post seeing as I haven't done one in a while. I apologise but I have been balls deep in train stations. Though I'm not implying I have a fetish for train conductors it just happens my current project involves me redesigning a train station the definition of excitement. Though seeing as I have had to go there to take photo's it means thanks to my beard and long hair I have been upgraded from strangely young hobo to a train anorak/possible pedo. I don't know why but there's something about a guy with a camera and beard that shouts weirdo. Oh well I have now shaved back my beard and had a hair cut so now I'm some what normal looking well that is ignoring my Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt. Me being fully normal looking is impossible. Any way today's post isn't going to be about one of my gigs for a change. This post is going to be about potentially the most funny and awesome heckler I have ever seen. I'm not going to even bother with a question this week though no fucker ever answer's it so who gives a damn.
Okay on Wednesday I went to a gig with some friends to support another friend who was preforming. I will skip the actual gig bit and jump to the main bit. The pub was rather small and there was only about 10 to 15 people in the audience but while my friend was on there was a very drunk guy who would heckle now and then. These heckles weren't nasty at all and in fairness they were pretty funny. But then my friend got him to sit down the front where they then proceeded to have a conversation about how my friend could be entitled to some benefits. This was greatly amusing to watch as I have never seen a heckler give a comedian some very helpful advice about their finances. It turned out the Heckler was a lecturer from the university on what subject I can't remember but it just made it more awesome. At this point he actually bought my friend a pint so not only was this guy hilarious but he had given my friend helpful advice on his cash situation and bought him a pint. It is understandable that we all loved him at this point but it gets better.

My friend came to the end of his set and for a laugh gave the mic to the heckler who's name is Pete by the way. Well at this point Pete drunkenly sat on the pool table and just started talking. The fact he was so drunk was funny but what he was saying was just brilliant too. But not long after that he somehow got the whole pub to sing in unison Yellow Submarine. I'm used to singing in pubs your talking to a person who has sung gay bar on karaoke just for shits and giggles. I'm not going to lie I was very drunk when I did this but it not surprisingly took some dutch courage to be able to sing the phrase "I've got something to put in you" too a load of people I had never met before. All I should say if I said that to someone in any other situation there would have been a large chance of me being put on some sort of list. But I have never seen someone manage to get a whole pub to sing in unison out of no where like that. Also after that he divided us into choir sections and we then sung Bohemian Rhapsody together. After this Pete said good night and everyone started to leave I said well done even though he wasn't even an act and walk outside. I thought the brilliance of this night was over but then one of my other friends turned me and told me something which made it even more awesome. It's turns out my friend actually lived with Pete yet somehow this was the first time they ever met. I'm not going to lie my mind was blown. My night had gone from ok, to a drunken uni lecturer getting a whole but to sing Yellow Submarine to insanity.

My last comment on this is that I shall never forget this night and I hope one day I will get heckled by my own Pete so I can share in the brilliance that is a person like him. Well that is all for today next week I have a gig in Leeds yet again and my first gig back home in Wales so I may post about them if I have the time. As per usual remember to follow, like and comment below. Hoped you liked my tale of the best heckler I have ever seen.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Offending Old people and Stage Rage

Okay well Saturday I had another gong show. Once again I didn't win but I had lots of fun, clearly more than the audience at least at they didn't vote me through the little shits. Actually I can't call them little the average age in the audience seemed to be about 50. That may have also been linked to the reason why I didn't win as my material seems to have a limited audience which is why I am currently doing some editing. I'm not going to get bloody anywhere if the only people I can make laugh are damn students. Yeh there's a lot of them but students don't like paying for things so getting them to pay to come to gigs is very damn unlikely. But that day happened to be very long as I had Rammstein the day before in Nottingham which also happened to be where my gong show was at so I effectively spent the majority of my Saturday in Nottingham which was a strange experience. Add the fact thanks to the the brilliance of the british transport system I didn't get from Nottingham till 3pm and I had to leave to go back down at 6:45pm I was pretty fucking tired. Fucking public transport, they said a replacement bus was on it's way but it didn't turn up for a fucking hour. That bus clearly hadn't been on it's bloody way I could have walked to the bus station to get on it in that damn time. I actually think public transport is a bit like a period when it doesn't come it fucks up a lot of things. Any way moving away from that very crud joke now onto the rest of the post. Today's question which none of you fuckers answer no matter how much I encourage you to is:

Anger in Stand up, is it a good or bad thing?

                 Well when I got to the gig I was very tired and I will admit I had little motivation so it's my own fault I didn't do good but that's not the point of this blog. If you lot wanted to hear me fucking talking about myself you would be listening to me bitch on Facebook or something. But moving on it was a real weird fucking crowd. Firstly there was a alot of random empty patches where you just telling jokes at bloody air. Also the crowd was rather old and so my sort of humour didn't work well, it seemed they were much fonder of older acts not that I cared I had fucking fun, there's nothing like offending a load of old fuckers on a Saturday night. They were also a very quiet audience and very difficult to get laugh. In the whole night only one person got them to laugh loudly and not surprisingly he bloody won and got the prize of £50 the lucky shit. Actually lucky isn't the word for it, he did rather well to be honest and deserved it but that doesn't deny the fact I would have liked the cash. There was also one guy in the back was for every act just holding up the red stick trying to vote them off which happened to be the reason I got sent off. Then after I got sent off the bastard fucked off giving his sticks to a couple who were rather kind. That's isn't how it fucking works!!!!! I saw the bastard as I was walking off stage he was walking out of the damn pub. If I see that guy again I will be quiet partial to finding a few glow sticks and ramming them up his arse. He could have at least left before I went fucking on the bastard. Though there was 2 acts that caught my attention through the night. Their was ok good though it was pretty normal but it was more from how they acted which got them through which brings me onto my question.
                   These 2 acts just got through to the final mainly because you could tell on stage they were angry and got the audiences attention even though their stuff wasn't that good. While I on the other hand went up half dead from lack of sleep. One of my friends also told me anger is a important part of going on stage as it gives you the confidence you need. Plus it seems when I get pissed off I'm funny as everyone likes to laugh at a angry, small welsh guy don't they...the fuckers. But I have gone on stage angry or in a I don't give a shit mood before and it has gone well. Just the cocky arrogance you gain when your pissed off seems to help. Though there is also the reverse side it is possible to get too angry on stage. I use anger to get my rants going but there is the point where your anger goes from funny to slightly scary. I don't think I have this problem myself as my rants are about stupid things but some people get too angry and scare the audience rather than make them laugh. Though with how old my audience was either way if you made them laugh or scared them there was a large chance of them shitting themselves. Anger can provide the comic with confidence but it could also give them too much confidence and the anger can have a bad effect.

Well I will leave you with that. Post your own answer's to my question below. Like the blog and this post on stumbler and also remember to follow. That is all from me for now. Later this week I shall have a post about some other gigs so keep an eye out.

The Human Jester

Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Random Stand Up: Zack Galifianakis

As I'm still looking into unknown awesome stand ups here's a post to keep your interest as I sort it out. I'm pretty sure everyone at this point has seen either The Hangover, The Hangover Part 2 or even very lately The Muppets. So everyone should know Zack Galfinanakis for his movie roles as either his roles as Alan or Hobo Joe. But my post is going to be about his stand up. Yeh he's bloody hilarious during films and he provided me one of my biggest laughs during The Muppets just by saying one line. He's bloody hilarious and a good comedy actor. Yet only the other day I found out about his stand up so here's some of it

I will admit this made be bloody laugh specially the first bit a pre planned venue special opener is always good. Also a point I would like to make is usually I'm not a fan of dead pan a person's lack of reaction annoys me. This is mainly because I am very emotive and have the humour of a 12 year old so dead pan is physically impossible for me. Evidence that earlier today on a white board in a seminar someone had wrote in the corner where no one could notice "chinos + Period = expensive dry clean". I was at this point I was struggling to hold in the laughter and then I noticed someone had also just written 2 words on the other side which were "Pedo Pope" this finished me off and I just started laughing in the middle of my seminar. But I do respect people who can do dead pan but it can annoy me with the lack of reaction you get. But Zack does it in a way I love. It's more of a confused where the hell am I dead pan rather than the standard just no emotion. It's less he doesn't have emotion's it's more he doesn't have a clue what their are and that there's a large chance he may be off his tits type of act. He has mastered the creepy vibe which is shown in his show Between Two Ferns which is basically a chat show hosted by him where he is rather awkward and is set between 2 fern plants. Also thank you which ever friend told me about that show I cannot remember who it was but it highly amused me. He also does a bit of music based comedy as well but I don't know much about that so I recommend looking into it yourselves. My only complaint that in this video he is reading his stuff off a sheet but that isn't too bad in other video's he doesn't just difficult to find one with good sound and this is best I got. Oh and my other complaint is how fucking hard it is to spell his name. As proven in other posts my spelling is shit and his surname is basically taunting me.
                    Well I think Zack is a good stand up but his break into films and how popular he got from The Hangover over shadowed his stand up career. I recommend people have a look at his stuff as it's pretty good. I personally hope he continues to do more stand up as I would love to see more from him. He has the hobo act down an act I may have to do soon if I don't get round to shaving. If I don't shave and have a hair cut soon I will end up looking like a fusion between a hippie and a hill billy  (a hipilly?) with being welsh thrown in. Now that's all for this don't forget to comment below and like/follow. Like I said in the last post I'm going to start doing posts about comedians so any suggestions please post them below and I will look into them.

The Human Jester

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Leeds Adventure part 2: Lets have a Chortle

Second post actually about stand up comedy I'm impressed with myself. Also I apologise if this post lacks some of my usual anger but for personal reasons it's a bit difficult to summon right now. It's a bit like an erection it's usually there when you need it but there's always that one fucking time you need it and it's not fucking there. Well moving on yesterday I auditioned for and then watched the Leeds heat rounds for the uk based student stand up competition of Chortle. It's a nice competition for new comic's and I had some fun. Even though I didn't get through to the heats myself I had a good bloody laugh with if you ignore the personal crap the only bad thing about the day that the £1:25 deal on pints in the pub was sadly only on a fucking Monday. So I had to pay full price for my pints but I didn't care as my audition was fun and a few of my friends got through to the heats which isn't surprising as their fucking awesome. My only regret is not applying for the Glamorgan heats would have been much more likely that I would have gotten a bloody heat slot. But as last time I'm going to pose a question to you.

Are there certain topics in stand up which are repeated too often?

              Okay I'm going to make this post about more of a personal one from my point of view so this is just my experience others may not have the same. But the day started with a once again long drive so Leeds though this time with thankfully more leg room but with a battery effectively up my arse for the majority of it. I was basically one fart away from turning my arse into the worlds first organic blow torch. Though thankfully I didn't develop bad gas till later in the day so that was fine. But any way we got to Leeds and after circling the Bar about 5 times in search of a parking space we walked in to find out what was happening. For those who don't know in Chortle there's the heats in multiple places round the uk, the semi finals in Manchester and London and then the final at Edinburgh Fringe festival. Though this year thanks to there being so many applicants a lot of people had to audition for some of the heat slots. For me my audition was for the Leeds heat and the Sheffield heat. There were 3 lots of auditions with altogether made up around 30 to 35 comics.
               Well I went on and did my 3 minutes as that's the time you had. I felt it went good I got some laughs and possibly mentally scared some people in the process which is always my goal. I will admit the auditions were a bit rushed to be organised but they were very fun and had a nice atmosphere. The crowd you were preforming to were the other comedians which made it much more fun as everyone was being fair and laughing at each others stuff. But this brings me onto my question. While sitting there watching all the auditions I noticed there were some topics that constantly came up. Fair play some people made them work but they were always there. I would say at least half the acts did a bit about where their from. I'm not going to say anything about this myself as I started out doing mainly jokes about being welsh so I can't say fucking anything. But there are other topics that appear a lot as well. Of course the one about how bad everyone's sex lives are is a good example. Like I said before some people make these topics work for them but they are a very repeated concept. Plus if 2 people start with the same basis for a joke it makes it much less likely that there would be a large difference between their jokes in the end. I like acts which are different and have something that makes you remember them. Which is why I quiet liked the winner of the Leeds heat. He was pretty much dressed as a tramp was rather quiet and extremely creepy, with him just standing on stage it was fucking hilarious but he also had a creepy persona around him that fitted his character perfectly. Compared to everyone else he was very unique.
                 But with basis's being repeated by so many comedians it has the effect of limiting variety, limiting the chance of you getting to see something new and eye catching. But of course this is how everything works when one thing gets popular people start to copy it in hope of cashing in. So I wouldn't personally blame the new comedians for using these topics as these topics are the ones you see all over TV. Which is why I think there should be more encouragement for people to try something a bit different or weird. Possibly more competitions and nights aimed at these acts and only for these types of acts as I know of very few myself. If you have a different opinion or want to answer the question yourself post it in the comments.

Well that is me done for now. I'll say the usual of like/follow and all that but also to those who read this if you know of a unique comedian or one which you think is a bit unknown and should be brought to peoples attention post their names below in the comments and I will see if I can do a post just about them. I want to try and review some acts or just show some people some cool new comedians they might not know about.

The Human Jester