Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Monday, 5 March 2012

Offending Old people and Stage Rage

Okay well Saturday I had another gong show. Once again I didn't win but I had lots of fun, clearly more than the audience at least at they didn't vote me through the little shits. Actually I can't call them little the average age in the audience seemed to be about 50. That may have also been linked to the reason why I didn't win as my material seems to have a limited audience which is why I am currently doing some editing. I'm not going to get bloody anywhere if the only people I can make laugh are damn students. Yeh there's a lot of them but students don't like paying for things so getting them to pay to come to gigs is very damn unlikely. But that day happened to be very long as I had Rammstein the day before in Nottingham which also happened to be where my gong show was at so I effectively spent the majority of my Saturday in Nottingham which was a strange experience. Add the fact thanks to the the brilliance of the british transport system I didn't get from Nottingham till 3pm and I had to leave to go back down at 6:45pm I was pretty fucking tired. Fucking public transport, they said a replacement bus was on it's way but it didn't turn up for a fucking hour. That bus clearly hadn't been on it's bloody way I could have walked to the bus station to get on it in that damn time. I actually think public transport is a bit like a period when it doesn't come it fucks up a lot of things. Any way moving away from that very crud joke now onto the rest of the post. Today's question which none of you fuckers answer no matter how much I encourage you to is:

Anger in Stand up, is it a good or bad thing?

                 Well when I got to the gig I was very tired and I will admit I had little motivation so it's my own fault I didn't do good but that's not the point of this blog. If you lot wanted to hear me fucking talking about myself you would be listening to me bitch on Facebook or something. But moving on it was a real weird fucking crowd. Firstly there was a alot of random empty patches where you just telling jokes at bloody air. Also the crowd was rather old and so my sort of humour didn't work well, it seemed they were much fonder of older acts not that I cared I had fucking fun, there's nothing like offending a load of old fuckers on a Saturday night. They were also a very quiet audience and very difficult to get laugh. In the whole night only one person got them to laugh loudly and not surprisingly he bloody won and got the prize of £50 the lucky shit. Actually lucky isn't the word for it, he did rather well to be honest and deserved it but that doesn't deny the fact I would have liked the cash. There was also one guy in the back was for every act just holding up the red stick trying to vote them off which happened to be the reason I got sent off. Then after I got sent off the bastard fucked off giving his sticks to a couple who were rather kind. That's isn't how it fucking works!!!!! I saw the bastard as I was walking off stage he was walking out of the damn pub. If I see that guy again I will be quiet partial to finding a few glow sticks and ramming them up his arse. He could have at least left before I went fucking on the bastard. Though there was 2 acts that caught my attention through the night. Their was ok good though it was pretty normal but it was more from how they acted which got them through which brings me onto my question.
                   These 2 acts just got through to the final mainly because you could tell on stage they were angry and got the audiences attention even though their stuff wasn't that good. While I on the other hand went up half dead from lack of sleep. One of my friends also told me anger is a important part of going on stage as it gives you the confidence you need. Plus it seems when I get pissed off I'm funny as everyone likes to laugh at a angry, small welsh guy don't they...the fuckers. But I have gone on stage angry or in a I don't give a shit mood before and it has gone well. Just the cocky arrogance you gain when your pissed off seems to help. Though there is also the reverse side it is possible to get too angry on stage. I use anger to get my rants going but there is the point where your anger goes from funny to slightly scary. I don't think I have this problem myself as my rants are about stupid things but some people get too angry and scare the audience rather than make them laugh. Though with how old my audience was either way if you made them laugh or scared them there was a large chance of them shitting themselves. Anger can provide the comic with confidence but it could also give them too much confidence and the anger can have a bad effect.

Well I will leave you with that. Post your own answer's to my question below. Like the blog and this post on stumbler and also remember to follow. That is all from me for now. Later this week I shall have a post about some other gigs so keep an eye out.

The Human Jester


  1. Anger in comedy is a fine line. I think of it even in our blog posts. I love a good ranting post, but we'd DARE not post 2 back to back - if we do, then we get accused of being grumpy, angry whiners. Funny how that works, right?

  2. It depends on whether you care about being know as angry. I myself have been much worse things than angry. For example with me being a welsh guy in england a day never goes past without me being called something to do with sheep. So I don't really give a rats ass what I am called. I see it as more too much anger can make the audience feel oppressed and scared rather than amused at how pissed off you are.

    I don't mind doing 2 rants in a row I have a few times as I don't mind being known as a angry ranting person, if anything it makes a change from the usual of short, random and with possible mental problems. I do agree there is a fine line in anger but I see it more towards how the audience feel rather than what they think about you afterwards if that makes any bloody sense

  3. Incredibly funny story! I'd love to see this gong show in person. Thanks for sharing.