Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Peacock and Gamble: I saw one of them nude....

Well hello there today I bring you my badly written tale of my experience of seeing Peacock and Gamble's Edinburgh preview. Be warned this post will mention a bit of penis as well as the usual swearing and bad grammar. I will let you decide which is the more annoying of the 3.

Well any way earlier this week I went to a small club in Cardiff to see Peacock and Gamble's Edinburgh TV show "We don't even want to be on telly any way". The club it self was as mentioned a bit small but that made the experience better as everyone was close together and no matter where you were sitting you weren't more that 5 meters from the stage. This was helpful as they used a fair few props and video's in their set. Now down to the set itself. I must say from the bottom of my heart that it was rather good, it has been a while since I have laughed that hard. My only experience with seeing them before was seeing Peacock once on Russell Howards good news so I was ready for his insanity and strange ramblings. Though it was the first time I had seen Gamble. That plus the fact I have little experience with double acts most likely makes me a bad person to write about them. But seeing as my writing skills can be only be classed as retarded the fact I have a blog in general is stupid but's lets just swing with it.

Their performance was very good specially seeing as it was a preview performance so they were still testing certain parts of the act. This was clear in certain parts of their set were they seemed to get confused over what joke was next or accidentally did the wrong one. Though this just for me added to the hilarity as it resulted in them just improving or just in the technical wording of "dicking around". But it also show their skill and how well they knew each other as even during the moments their forgot what was next they still kept going. Yet during the set it seemed that they had both added bits and had possibly not told the other. There was one part of the act where this became rather clear. It was during a video peacock had made the details of which I will not say so not to ruin it for any one planning to see them. Well in this video peacock had added a new section which resulted in all people watching it seeing his cock.... Well afterwards Gamble said he hadn't know about this. Some people would say this may have just been part of the set but I happened to see Gamble's reaction to the said penis appearing on the screen. His reaction was him literally spitting out his drink, choking then laughing quiet a bit. This for me almost killed me with laughter specially when Gamble afterwards made special note to mention he hadn't been the one recording Peacock's penis.

Though overall the gig was very good and I laughed a lot. The only bad part of the night was the fact I had to miss the last few minutes to go catch my train back home. Though I shall have no complaints about seeing the whole show again just to see the ending while up at Edinburgh if possible. Well that is all from me today. I highly recommend people go and see Peacock and Gamble if they can. Feel free to comment below and all that and make sure to like and follow.

Human Jester

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