Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

To much Minecraft

Okay it has been a fair while since I have done a post. Under normal circumstances I would just say I have been busy but I really haven't. I can't say that as during the time since my last post I made a pirate ship on minecraft out of boredom. It wasn't even a good ship either , I ran out of wool so I had to use snow blocks for the sails. Which would be a fatal design flaw in a ship because as soon as there was a breeze the sails would just get blown apart and make the ship look like it had been jizzed on.....So yeh basically I got addicted to minecraft and forgot to post.

But any way soon I shall be having a few new posts as I have a few interesting things coming up. These are going to see Peacock and Gamble's Edinburgh preview show at Cardiff. I promise to try and do a better post about the gig this time unlike Stanhope seeing as for this time I will be sober for it (mostly sober at least). Then after that I have a gig which I might test some new material at. But after that is the big thing for I shall be going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which I shall be making multiple posts about. Also yes I am aware that seeing Peacocks and Gamble's Edinburgh preview is rather redundant seeing as I'm going to Edinburgh. But I say fuck it I want to see them the ticket was only £8. Put I will try to do posts about the Festival and everything that happens there.

To finish off I thought I would tell you about a stand up character idea I had while drunk James The Dragon Hunter (represented by the badly photoshop picture below).

The character would involve me walking wearing a helm and chain mail (which I was too lazy to photoshop) while referring to myself Dovahkiin with some Nord styled humour. So please post your opinion below about this character/ how you stupid you think it is. Also feel free to post any Nord related jokes you may think of.

Well that be all follow, like and all the usual

Human Jester

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