Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Freezing, kicking a ginger, a short guy in a mini and more gig crap

First I am currently fucking freezing as my room has after constantly being a damn furnace has apparently come to it's version of the ice age resulting in everything becoming frozen in place as I'm too sodding cold to get out of bed. I shall be fine for a while though I have supplies of quality street ,magners and if I build up enough courage to get out of bed for a second to get the controller my xbox.
                Okay onto the main posts...I'm damn bored. There's sod all to do at the moment think my day today is going to be spent either reading, playing the xbox or lazing around until Top Gear is on at which point I will actually brave the coldness of the rest of the house to go watch it on TV. I've been so bored I have decided to go back to Lincoln early though it will be helpful as it's impossible to get work done at home. Though it is my own fault with my large distaste for clubs and only interesting thing I have to talk about in my life being stand up so making it the only thing I talk about doesn't really help in making my life exciting. So what I am going to do is just mention some random things from the last few days to make this some what interesting.
               First the Crimbo Doctor Who be warned there will be spoilers. I thought it wasn't too bad myself I loved Bill Bailey he made me laugh and the general story was pretty good. Though there were a few things that annoyed me first how it started with him getting sucked into space. How the hell did he breath I accept there would be air rushing past him and he is an alien but the air is going to be there for about 2 seconds and it's bloody space. The vacuum would have done a lot of sodding damage within those few seconds but thankfully there was a very handingly placed suit that could survive entering earth's atmosphere and repair all the damage done. All I shall say is I bet he had one of those every time he had to sodding regenerate. Now onto the thing that infuriated me.....that little ginger kid. Okay first I have nothing against gingers even though the jokes about them do generally amuse me but that little kid was damn ass annoying. I was really hoping Matt Smith would just snap at one point and drop kick him to the face. I understand they were trying to do the child like curiosity thing but fucking stupid was that kid. Hmmm I've just found out what I was following was some big as tree king thing that has led me to a tower I know I will go further into it. Or hmm another tree thing is trying to forcibly put something on me I know I will sit down and let it put it on me instead of just walking away from it as it's too slow to catch me. He must have brain damage or something. Surly they could have just had Bill Bailey play the part of the kid that would have been bloody hilarious. In the first scene with him using the telescope I can just imagine him replying "Next door there's a blonde with a cracking pair of tits". I now have a amazing image in my head of all scene's the ginger shit was in just with Bill Bailey standing there with a cigar making random comments. Otherwise it was a okay episode still doesn't beat my favourite Christmas episode of David Tennant's last Christmas episode but it was okay.
              Next is onto today's episode of Top Gear. I am really looking forward to it as first it's in India which is well know for being one of the craziest and dangerous places to drive and also it has Hammond driving a mini which the irony of him driving that car amuses me. Seeing as the episode hasn't air yet I can't really say much about it other than it looks pretty good. Their special cheap car trips to different countries are my favourite episodes. It's only them do you get to see a cow getting classed as road kill and 3 men taking viagra up a mountain...actually strike that I would think somewhere on the internet there is a LOT of video's of men using viagra up a mountain. Hopefully I will never come (pun intended) across one that involves just 3 men. Well that is all on that for now once I have actually watched it I will give a better opinion on it then.
              Now finally the last bit which I think you lot are hoping for as unlike my last 2 this post has been a damn long one. On the topic of the people contacting me for the gigs in the last post it seems it has gone well with the awesome Lincoln comedy society doing me proud of jumping on the chance for the gigs as there were multiple slots offered. Though one is during the easter hols so I'm not going to be spending much time at home during Easter (not that I'm complaining). With these 2 down I'm hoping to get some more gigs having put my name forward for gong shows in Manchester which I am waiting to hear replies from as well as a sod load of gigs back home in Wales. If everything goes well I should be having a fun few months

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