Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Human Jester takes a shit with Sherlock

Okay first things first yes I have changed the name of this blog for a few reasons. First I like calling myself the Human Jester it's a nice boost to the ego, secondly I think everyone can easily guess I'm welsh so that's not needed in the title and finally I don't really drink like I used to that bit was pointless.The new title is much better and gives people a much better idea that my posts are basically just pointless updates of my life with me bitching about them and small bits to do with stand up. And I question why no one reads this damn thing.Oh and once again a spoiler alert for the New Sherlock Holmes film to you if you haven't watched it.
          Okay first Top Gear last night. It wasn't bad though it felt very scripted to me compared to the old ones. Fuck the planned stuff I wanted to see one of their cars fail amusingly. Actually that's it they all bought cars which were too good. All were not way near dying when they got them compared to the usual. All the damages and breaking downs were self inflicted. And to be honest that's really it I have on the episode other than the fact I nearly cried when Hammonds mini got trashed I wanted that damn car. To be honest the thing that got me the most excited was discovering there was a new episode of Sherlock on new years day, I shouted so loud my dog nearly shat itself which as he's rather old isn't that difficult to do to be honest.
            But I'm really bloody excited about it. I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes stuff evidence by the fact I saw the new movie the other day. It was good and Robert Downey Jr once again did a amazing at playing a eccentric, overly arrogant genius  which isn't surprising as he's getting a fair bit of practise at it. Not that I'm complaining he's amazing in Iron Man just think he's one lucky bastard to get 2 big movies with 2 characters which have a fair few similarities. He had effectively set himself for life by playing the part of someone who could be technically classed as insane. But with the film in general it was good but not as good as the first one. I found  Moriarty's random appearances annoying ,surly in all the times he was seen out and about someone could have just shot him would have saved a fair few people a lot of hassle. Plus I found the movie a bit to flashy for my liking explosions everywhere it's making Sherlock look like a drunk addled version of James bond. There's wasn't as much genius absurd noticing of tiny details no one other than a film character would ever be able to notice as the first film I found. It was rather funny though and in Fairness to Robert he did an amazing job of playing someone in drag a skill which I see is not well noticed these days. Also Stephan Fry amused me for the simple fact he didn't act just played himself. I would like to point out I nearly put "with" at a certain point in that last sentence which would have really changed the tone of this blog from insulting to something near gay porn, a lesson to myself to always read what I type. Another thing that pissed me off was how quickly they killed off Adler I was looking forward to some funny scenes between her and Sherlock and BOOM she's bent over on the floor and not for the reasons a large portion of the male audience would hope for. Lets see what else also I know none of this is in any order but I don't give a rats ass. Oh one final thing my favourite part of the whole film had to be the last scene with Sherlock wearing his wing back chair camo suit. Not only did I wish I had that suit but it amused the hell out of me for the simple fact I really wasn't expecting it. But it is a really good film I recommend it to everyone it's a funny, smart film about a drug addled person suffering from serious mental problems and arrogance issue's. That's it for my out of order rather crappy review. I'm going out tonight so hopefully tomorrow it will just be a normal rant from going out again.
          Also next update I have sorted a gig in Telford on the 15th of Apirl. It will be at the Crown Inn with myself, Eddie Bye, Lee Kindle and Kevin Mahon from the lincoln comedy society preforming along with other acts. Anyone nearby at the time feel free to come along it should be good.

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