Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hungover and with a bent notebook

Okay this is a post written while quiet hungover so give me a damn break. Last night wasn't amazing got quiet drunk, spent a lot, punched a friend in the face with my stand up notebook as you do, made a arse of myself then stayed up the majority of the night looking after my dog as he kept vomiting everywhere. A drunk having to look after something which is vomiting there's some bloody irony for you. Strike that more goopy and slightly orange irony if anything. I'm sure god just went ah there's a drunk person who himself isn't in the best state I know lets give him a small vomiting dog to look after that would make it fucking interesting. Well with lack of sleep added to the hangover I'm feeling like shit. Also my stand up notebook is now bent from where I hit my friend in the face with it safe to say I was more worried about the book than his face. Though there was one good and amazing thing that happened last night. I actually broke even for cash on the pub quiz machine, that I can tell you with my general knowledge is a fucking miracle. I once lost a pub quiz to a couple who were described as "special". All I shall say is thank fuck for my friends being there to answer the questions for me.
                 Though some good news some people have actually contacted me yes me not me having to send wave apon wave of damn emails in the hope of finding one about gigs. Looks like my constant looking for gigs has paid off. After a lot of hard work of basically doing the internet versions of begging at peoples feet I've finally been contacted about some gigs. Fuck yes. Hopefully these will go well as I've been wanting to get myself on for a few more gigs. There's nothing like standing on stage and making a tit of yourself for the amusement of others.
                Once again this is a short post but I'm too bloody hungover to write any more so suck it

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