Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Toys of True Geekdoom part 2

Okay people my uni work is finally out of the way plus I am at least a little more sane than last time. I can't see Jeff to say the least. But any way moving on from my largely potential mental health problems I have decided to do another post about some pretty epic geeky stuff I would love to own seeing as quiet a few people liked it last time. So me being the kind and incredibly bored person that I am I have decided to write another post for you enjoy.

1: Darth Vader Laser Pointer 

When I saw this my mind was blown. If I had one of this not only would I be blinding every fucker I could but I would without a hint of embarrassed be swinging it round making the noises. Though saying that I would only be able to talk in Darth Vader quotes to the point I may end up claiming I am the father to over half the people in my university which even if you ignore the fact most of them are older than me I still couldn't have been their fathers as my sex life has never been that good. 

2: Tardis Cookie Jar

Last time we had the Companion Cube cookie cookie jar this time it's a Tardis. Sadly it does not function as a proper Tardis but I hear it does hold cookies rather well and it makes the noises. Plus you have the awesome fact it looks like a tardis so you can show off your love for Doctor Who. Well till some idiot asks why do you have a police box cookie jar then you can demonstrate the effects when 2 objects collide at speed. One object being a pointy corner of the cookie jar and the other of course being their skull.

3: Pokemon Badges

Okay first off you are going to notice with this one the picture is actually a photo rather than something taken off the internet. So yes I do happen to own these 3 pokemon badges and yes I am fucking happy as hell that I found somewhere that sold pokemon badges. These things are awesome their like a little part of your childhood pinned to you. Yes you will get judged by some people for owning them but so what do they have proof they have beaten Lt Surge? No no they do not. I will wear these as badges of honour showing my skill  at a child's video and my love for pokemon....plus their only like 80p each

4: Canned Unicorn Meat

Okay no word to a lie I did laugh rather hard when I saw this. I would buy this for the simple fact to see how stupid people are and see if anyone asks if it really is unicorn. Though saying that I wouldn't mind trying some Unicorn just out of interest and the fact I would think you would literally shit a rainbow when it came out the other end. Inside the tin is a dismembered stuffed unicorn so no it isn't just meat from a horse that had a horn glue to it's fucking head your fine.

5: Minecraft for the xbox

I will admit this last one is a more personal favourite of mine. For those who have never played it Minecraft is a massive sandbox game where you you can create a huge variety of stuff while fighting some monsters as well if you want to. This game you can already get for the computer but thanks to my fucking luck it doesn't run well on my laptop. So with it coming to the xbox my geeky mind exploded knowing I would soon be able to waste away my life playing a game about mining...... Any way looks like it will be good and anyone interested should look into it.

              Well that is all for me for now don't forget to follow the blog, comment and like the post below, like on stumbler and anything else you can do to show this to other people. Just a small reminder I do have a gig tomorrow at Mr Bens gong show in Leeds tomorrow so anyone in the area feel free to come over and watch the show.

The Human Jester


  1. I wanted to get the canned unicorn meat for my wife for Christmas but I think it would've made her cry...

    1. I'm tempted to get one fill it with dog food and see if I convince someone it's actually unicorn meat :P

  2. Even if it's grade-A stuff, I never trust meat from a can.