Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Stalls, Drunkards and Rock Radio

Okay this is going to be a quick post as I'm hungover and short on time. First off the reason for my said hungover...ness. All I shall say is sometimes something may look like a good deal but in truth it's bad. For example getting 100 lemons for £1 would be a good deal but bad as you will just end up with a fuck load of lemons which you will have to resort to throwing them at people like some crazy lemon person just to get rid of them. For me the deal was £1 jagerbombs. Everyone must now be questioning with how the fuck is that bad well all I shall say is thanks to that deal I ended up downing about jagerbombs as they were so sodding cheap and yet that night I only just spent through some fucking miracle just over £10. Now you may understand why I am now feeling very hungover.
             Now the second part yesterday was my uni's refresher fare. I must admit it was fairly fun. We made friends with the circus society, the Sam chapachino was created and also someone pretend to be part of a tragedy society by just sitting there looking sad. This was rather amusing but also annoying as his fake stall was getting more attention than the comedy society's stall. Now here's a picture with Billy Keable holding up our sign and Dave Anthony looking a bit rapey as per usual
       Now finally the other day I listened to a rather good radio show which I shall recommend to you. The interesting bit about this is that they have a live feed to a website (here www.livestream.com/radiosherborne) so you can watch them doing the show. You may think this is boring but it's actually rather amusing as they have a laugh and joke around while doing the show. Also there is a chat bar down the side which they can see so it makes requesting songs rather easy and you can annoy the radio host for a laugh. I say tune in at 8pm this Friday as there's a rather good rock show with some good music and a funny host called Goldie Trapp. Just make sure you don't mention the fact your welsh in your username as a certain person stupidly did.....bloody sheep jokes

The Human Jester

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