Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Pints, Trains and a boat that was also a pub

Firstly yes I didn't post yesterday but a spent the majority of it on a 5 hour damn train the highlight of which was someone vomiting all over the train door at Birmingham station. Ah people from Birmingham you are a classy bunch. I have also noticed this is the second time I have insulted the Brummies in this blog I see a offensive yet mildly amusing trend forming here. I think I may have of invent the term brumist. Also as I'm back in uni and thanks to the brilliance of the damn architecture department I have double seminars for the next 3 weeks my posts on here shall decrease but I will still make a post at last once a week to give you lot a update of my antics, stand up gigs and the rants that amuses you bloody lot.
         Okay today I got back on a train to head down to Newark to get some work done. My projects site is in Newark it's not that I just head to random places to get work done. If I did  would go somewhere better than bloody Newark , I'd go somewhere more interesting.......like Cockerington.....as the name is funny. ANY way while there I went to a pub that was also a boat. First thing I must it was fucking awesome literally in the middle of the pub there was a boat steering while and lever things. I really wanted to play with them but I didn't want to sink one of the best pubs I have ever been to. I am also loving the fact that I could have sunk a pub to anyone I ever told that they would think I had the power to summon sink holes or something. Though that would be a very shit power wouldn't. There's a robber I know I will stop him with my sink hole powers wait 5 minutes for him to very slowly sink to his doom while he stands still enough so that he doesn't just pull himself out of it. I could do a better job of being a hero if I just hit them in the face with a fucking rock. Haha I've got the ca-smash face caved in with a rock job done. Will back to the pub. It was a very nice place I was sitting there with my pint writing some material when I suddenly felt as if the room was rocking. Of course being me the first thing I did was question how bloody strong my pint was. But then I remembered I was on a boat, it turns out every time another boat comes past it rocks a little. All I shall say is that must cause some messy effects on nights out. Drinking can end in a nasty fashion any way add rocking motion to it and you have got a large forecast for vomiting and some poor sod having to mop it all up later. Though all in all it is a very nice place which I hope I get to go to again. To any one in Newark I recommend you stop by it's called the Newark Barge it's pretty difficult to miss it's the boat with the big fucking pub sign on it.
          One final thing I think I will at some point next month be making a visit to Mr Ben's (sadly not uncle) Gong Show. So people of Leeds you are going to be in for a treat as you will get to see a ranty, very geeky and possibly insane Welsh man makes funnies on a stage for your bloody amusement. Oh and there will be others from the comedy society there as well. That is all for today hope you liked it. If you did tell people about this blog and comment below.

The Human Jester

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