Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lights,Camera some hardcore comedy Action

First I know the title has "hardcore comedy action" in it but this is not about a Johnny Vegas porno for not only would that be disgusting but I would feel fucking sorry for Monkey. No type of tea could repair that much damage to the poor guys arse or well hand bit he's a bloody puppet his arse has enough things up there as it is leave him alone Vegas. Okay this is going to be a quick post as I'm a bit hungover. It's mainly about Comedy this one as well.
             Firstly last night was a gig at Lincoln Lpac's Zing. It had a few acts and also Billy Keable the comedy society's president. Though I would like to point out I think Kevin Mahon should get a mention in this as during the first acts bit he basically got more laughs than her during some audience intro action. Though he preformed sacrilege by putting a tea bag in his pint. Who the fuck does that to their own bloody pint it's like putting a penny in your own bloody drink. The second comedian on wasn't too bad. Half way through his set I nearly died of laughter but not because of his joke just because he was effectively another comedian I know but just in 10 years. I think if he had pulled out a whisk I may have actually died. Well the next few acts were rather good with of course Billy, a American guy which I liked surprisingly as I'm usually not a fan of american comics and then finally the headliner who's name I have annoyingly forgotten but he was very good. If anyone remembers his name post it in a comment underneath will you. And now finally onto the last person.....the compere. Before I start this next bit I will let you know I have had a run in with this guy before as when I did my Zing gig he compered mine which during it he wrote his jokes about 2 minutes before he went on, introduced the first guy as me accidentally and then he just used my first name when he finally did introduce me. I would like to point my surname is fucking awesome and I like people to damn use it. But this guy effectively talked at the audience, the only time I bloody laughed was when the other comedy society made amusing comments about. Sweet Jesus he asked a girl her name and she replied with "Woody" there's so many fucking things he could have done with that Toy Story reference, slag joke and many bloody more but he just carried on talking to her as if this was completely normal. But thankfully he shut up after a while so I could listen to the acts and destroy my liver.
             Lastly this is a bit I don't think going to work but I'm going to fucking try it any way. This is more a question to those who have seen my act but anyone else who thinks I should go for one free feel to add your opinion. I am currently trying to decide what to concentrate on my rants (like you have seen in my posts), my  slightly surreal stuff or just trying to merge them in some unholy combination. Well tell me what you think I should try by commenting below and if your wondering why I said I don't think this is going to work it's because no fucker ever comments!

The Human Jester

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