Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Human Jester goes super sonic

I've just about got enough time to make this post so here it is. First the usual stuff. The May gig is 100% on and I'm in the middle of sorting out some others so you may see a crazy welshman in your area sometime soon. Once I get more details I will update this but for now onto the main section. By the way this post contains spoilers for a few sonic games
            Lately I have been rediscovering my childhood amazingly geeky love for what I think is the best video game character Sonic the Hedgehog. Mario the overweight moustache clad plumber can blow it out his arse Sonic is the way to go. Sorry a hedgehog who can not only run at the speed of sound but after getting some pretty rocks can effectively go a non-copyrited  version of super saiyan beats the hell out of plumber who for some reason throws fucking fireballs. Seriously shouldn't he have some water based power no he throws fucking fireballs but I know everyone is now thinking "Ah but Jester Sonic can run at the speed of sound and hedgehogs are slow" they're really bloody not. I remember coming home late one night and nearly stepping on a hedgehog which was in the middle of the pavement. I turned my head for one second and boom the little thing was halfway into a nearby bush quicker than if I had dropped kicked there, though saying that it would be damn painful if you drop kicked a hedgehog. But back to Sonic. I think everyone remembers the first video game they played there's something about it that people like to remember. The first game I ever played was Sonic on the sega megadrive. I loved that game never completed it as it was damn ass difficult but I still loved it. But the game that really kicked off my love for Sonic was Adventure Battle 2 on the game cube. Sorry that game was damn awesome. The first level involves you running away from a military lorry which is trying to kill you how isn't that awesome and then the final level you turn gold and start fighting a giant monster in fucking SPACE how isn't that epic that beats any damn boss fight from Mario. Oh what's this a fight with some lava try a endless bloody vacuum on for size then you wouldn't be laughing. 
            Though the reason for this post and the reason for my returning love for Sonic is thanks to one game which my amazing girlfriend got for me. Sonic Generations......it has the best level from every sonic game made, you can go super sonic in any level after you have the skill and even better you don't have to play as the bloody little shit known as tails Tails. It is a really good game, not amazingly long but the gameplay and nostalgia for anyone who ever played the old games it is plain awesome and makes up for it by far. Playing the reworked versions of the levels I played constantly as a kid was awesome. I would also like to point it really bloody made up for the stream of rather shit Sonic games we have had to tolerate lately. Sonic on the xbox, Unleashed and all the others bar possibly Colours were worse than my grammar fucking awful. You can play as either play as Modern sonic for 3D very fast paced levels or Classic sonic for some retro side scrolling fun. It has the best of both worlds, add to that a amazing sound track and it's a epic game.  But I will say the blue streak is back and I'm not on about colour skid marks either. This is the best sonic game since Adventure Battle 2.  Any fans of the blue hedgehog I recommend Generations it's damn awesome. Go out and get it people support the worlds coolest hedgehog. 
             Now that is all from me for now my next post shall mention more stuff about being back at uni and the comedy society. Also I will know by then more about what is happening with a few gigs I am sorting but till then have fun.

The Human Jester

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