Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Human Jester gets down with the funny

Seeing as I have hit over a 1000 views which is admittedly very shit but blame yourselves for not following you lazy shits or liking my post on stumbler. It's only a click or 2 I could get my dog to do it and she doesn't understand the concept of glass so how stupid must you lot be. Well as I was saying I decided to do a post though I needed to do one any way so this last paragraph means fuck all. Feel stupid for reading that now don't you. ANY way onto the post.
           This post it mainly to mention a load of gigs I have coming up for people who want to come along. These are the gigs I know are on.

Feb 20th- Mr Bens Gong Show: Leeds
Mar 3rd- Funhouse Comedy Gong show: Glee Club ,Nottingham
March 20th- The Comedy Cellar :The Verve, Leeds
May 20th- Technicolour Smoof: Telford

There will also be 2 competition heat rounds in there somewhere as well once I know when and where they are. But these are the gigs I have so far please come along if you can. I will update it when I get more gigs and I know when I have the 2 competitions.
          Okay I know this has been a very small post so I will add something for you 

 Like all HISHE vids it's hilarious aren't I kind to you lot for showing you this awesomeness. Yet you don't follow me I'll just go sit in the corner and cry to myself as you laugh at the comedic genius I provide without any sign of reconciliation.........pricks

The Human Jester

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