Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Saturday, 21 January 2012


The other day while searching the random abyss of cat video's and fail video's that is youtube I found a amazing video. Everyone by now should know of the FUS RO DAH video's. To those very rare creatures of people who read this blog yet still have a life I shall explain them for you. The meme of Fus Ro Dah was created with this video.

Basically some pure genius put the skyrim shout over some sorry bastard getting sent flying into a load of lockers by a air. The simple act of doing this turned a already funny though some what painful looking video into something that has started to take over the internet. There's been loads of videos similar to this all videos of someone just putting the skyrim shout of Fos Ro Dah over some sorry fucker making a tit of themselves. It was a simple yet amusing format. That is till a youtube duo called CorridorDigital came into the fray.
                 CorridorDigital is a youtube group specialising in VFX effects making loads of good and funny video's. They took Fus Ro Dah and basically levelled it up in geek terms. Rather than using sound effects from a games they made their own, rather than just using a random funny video from the internet they made their own then they threw some effects and a video with new found levels of awesome is born. This is their creation.

I love these guys this video is awesome. They have also worked on many other video from a Battlefield 3 trailer to just random other videos. I recommend subscribing to them....and this blog come on people follow me damn it.
                Well that is it for now. Just a small stand up update I've entered into the Chortle student stand up competition and WUCA the new welsh stand up competition though I don't know when or where my heats are for both of them. But when I do I will tell you so come along and support me if you can my actual name is James Hunter so keep an eye out for me.

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