Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas was boring so back to funny

This isn't going to be a hugely ranty post as a small warning. For a while I have been looking for stand up gigs in Wales at first it wasn't going good it was like trying pork at a Jewish wedding fucking difficult. Though out of sheer luck involving me drunkenly accidentally clicking the wrong thing I happened across a list of nearby gigs in Wales which also lead me to another list of gigs. I've emailed a sod load of people now just painful process of waiting to see if they reply. Hopefully they won't find a random welsh person emailing them creepy. But it was thanks to this that I pretty much ended up spending my Christmas drinking and searching gigs whoopdey fucking do. Well I'm just hoping the people I emailed get back to work to reply to my emails soon.
               I have also noticed a lot of the views on my blog have been coming from people searching pervy things on google. Bet they got a annoying surprise when they ended up on here "Come on time for a w...wait this isn't porn oh god damn it this is going to be really sodding difficult to wank over" I should have just set the background as a picture of Susan Boyle's face that would give them a bloody scare and also possibly changed their lives around. As when it reaches the point where your jacking off over Susan Boyle's face you know you really need to make some life changes. I do find it rather amusing that people searching for porn are ending up here it's like someone looking for a prostitute and ending up in the YMCA. Though saying that this isn't a really normal post is it oh well. That's it for today wasn't really planning to post today so it's staying as a short one.

The Human Jester

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