Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Black Friday...I survived it

Okay I have no idea why I went out on Black Friday as it's busy as fuck but I was bored and if I didn't my brain would have been melted into mush by constant Skyrim. To those who don't know what Black Friday is it's some day off thing to do with the mines I don't know google it you lazy sods.
           Well the night started with first having a bouncer having a go at me because apparently the bottle opener on my keys was a weapon I could stab someone with. How the fuck would that work the things sodding blunt the most damage it could do is some mild bruising which would most likely be followed by me getting punched in the face by the person I so evilly bruised. Secondly I had my mario wallet out ,I was wearing a t-shirt with the cookie monster on it and I'm rather small. I'm clearly the type that likes to start fights threatening people with the dangerous weapon of a bottle opener unlike the pissed, angry,steroid using people he was letting in fine enough.
         He let me in though and so after letting the vomiting person being carried out the bar at 8pm past I went to get a drink. After that it was fine for a while. But a fair bit later in the night me and a friend where at the bar when we suddenly noticed the man to our right had his trousers round his ankles and was taking a piss by the bar. What should give you an idea of what the night was like is that everyone acted like this was completely normal which to be honest it is. I am kind of annoyed with myself that I didn't make a joke about it at the time but in my defence I had had a bad experience earlier in the night. All I shall say the 14 guys waiting for the toilet in the mens toilet really didn't appreciate me opening the door and making a rather loud gay joke. Safe to say that I didn't use that toilet for a while didn't think I could fight them all off with my bottle opener.
        Though I will admit the night wasn't as bad as it seemed just a bit busy for my liking. Though I can't complain about that as it gave me loads of new material idea's which I have already started working on. Hopefully next time I go out it won't be so busy and I won't have a retarded bouncer think the bottle opener on my keys is a weapon

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