Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Monday, 4 July 2011

First ants know their enemies next the Cravendale advert actually happens.

I was just randomly reading through some stuff on the BBC website when I saw this

Seriously how on earth does this warrant a news report. Ants knowing who their enemies are, it's like they are trying to make us worried. If this was true every kid in the country who ever stood on an ant would be eaten alive by ants in the sleep. Ants would just become a new terror on the street carrying off children. I would love to see that just gangs of ants on street corners, people would have to start going out with magnifying glasses just for their own protection. Mind you I don't see how ants could revolt a bit of cold and their dead, their a bit like an old person really just less likely to piss themselves. Fuck it all they would have had to do is told me the Cravendale advert had happened and cats had grown thumbs. I would be running for the hills. All I would to think about first cat's with thumbs what next talking pigeons. I myself really don't want to be heckled by pigeons while I'm trying to walk home while drunk.

I just don't see why this story was posted who needs to know ants know their enemies ,David Attenborough ? He must have stood on some ants with every where he has been. Though if they are out to kill him I so hope the moment they find him is caught on camera. "Today we are at the Amazon Rainforest where as you can see I am having my innards devoured by ants" then the camera going to just seeing his foot disappearing into a hole in the ground.Though fair play if there was a story about someone teaching a monkey to do the macarena I would be all over it but Ants knowing their enemies not so much. They could have put a much more interesting story but no they put one about ants there.  They are pretty much telling us "Yeh there's fuck all happening so here's some ants" they may as well have just put a video of Dawn French trying to get through a small door, that would have amused me for a much longer period of time. 

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