Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Warning: what you are about to read will make little sense

Friday, 1 July 2011

And on the first day: Power Cuts

Lately for many reasons I have been plagued with power cuts. Not that their a much of a big thing just rather annoying when your about to watch mock the week on iplayer. But I have to laugh at how the people act when there's a power cut specially the older people. The way the people in my street act I expect them to be running round their house shouting "THE POWERS GONE, THE POWERS GONE WHAT THE WORLD ENDING. QUICK GET THE TORCH. I CAN'T FIND IT IT'S TOO DARK". People start gathering in the street asking each other if their power has gone though none of them clearly never notice the street lights have gone off. Then till the power comes back on people act like it's the 1800 hundreds again walking around with candles and boiling water for a bath. It's like some strange very welsh version Victorian Farm (if you are wondering why I know of this show it's called having a old dad and not being able to reach the tv remote).

I really don't see the problem with power cuts myself yeh you don't have lights or internet but people should really be able to go a few hours with just using torches and not being able to read pointless crap (like this), checking your emails and watching porn (I've seen that episode of south park I know there are some people out there). The only two things that I find annoying during a power cut is the fact the microwave won't work and my cooking skills are worse than a Americans concept of the word small. And the fact the food in the freezer may defrost which in fairness no matter who and wear you are from no one likes a load of a large puddle on the floor thanks to some now soggy sausages.

What I would do is just get everyone round grab a few cans and torches and get pissed up in the dark. It would be like a much more risky version of Dating in the Dark where there is a chance of feeling up the old granny from number 4.


  1. I had a powercut last night strangely enough =p half way through making brownies...thankfully they came to no harm

    Have to admit both me & j panicked when we realised the internet had gone...it's scary shit :sadnod:

    Also didn't you have a beard?

  2. I still do but it is shaved back much more than it used to be :P